Oral Health

The Research Behind Oil Pulling

Most people don’t think about swishing oil around in their mouth when trying to improve their oral health, yet this practice of what is called “oil pulling” is not only an ancient Ayurvedic Medicine practice, it also has solid research to support its effectiveness in oral hygiene. Ayurvedic Medicine is a holistic Read more…

By Dr. Sean Golden, ago

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome vs. Hypothyroidism: The Difference and Why it Matters

Many people do not know or realize that there are actually many different types of hypothyroidism. Technically, there is primary hypothyroidism, secondary hypothyroidism, tertiary hypothyroidism, and Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. Today’s article is going to be going over the difference between Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and primary hypothyroidism, as these are the Read more…

By Dr. Sean Golden, ago