Although getting his undergraduate degrees in Math and Physics, Dr. Sean always had a burning desire to know how the human body works and has dedicated most of his life to learning and understanding exactly how nutrition, diet, and exercise allow people to gain exceptional health!

Dr. Sean suffered years with undiagnosed hypothyroidism which caused constant fatigue, sleepiness, and an overall lack of motivation. Not wanting to go on life-long pills and becoming frustrated with knowing who to trust on the internet, he set off on his mission of devouring as much research as he could to understand how to treat his condition.

After successfully overcoming his own hypothyroidism, he ended up completely fracturing his spine in his lower back while deadlifting (i.e. spondylolisthesis). He went to a chiropractor who helped rehab him for 6-8 months without surgery. At this time, he realized that he wanted to become a chiropractic physician so that he could help others not only with neuromusculospinal conditions, but also with chronic health problems through nutrition, supplementation, and exercise!

Over the years, Dr. Sean has developed an intimate understanding of nutrition and supplementation that allows him to help others combat their chronic health issues such as Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis, thyroid conditions, Parkinson’s Disease, and much more. He teaches that most of the evidence about natural supplements and nutritional strategies that have been shown to help various disease conditions usually never gets promoted by the media or taught in medical school, and thus goes largely unnoticed. However, by simply changing eating patterns and adopting some targeting supplementation, many people can make a powerful and significant influence on their health conditions!