Stand-out Benefits of Ashwagandha:

  • Supports / increases thyroid hormones (ref)
  • Increases the ability to handle stress (ref)
  • Can help increase lean body mass while decreasing fat mass (ref)
  • Decreases cortisol (ref)
  • Can help decrease anxiety and depression (ref)(ref2)
  • May help with insomnia due to anxiety (ref)
  • Can help increase testosterone (in men) (ref)(ref2)

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General Info

Ashwaganda has been used as an “adaptogen” and “rejuvinator” for over 3,000 years. It has a stimulating effect on the thyroid (allowing more thyroid hormone to be produced and converted from T4) as well as having a calming effect. The research shows that, while the anti-anxiety effects can be noticed from the first dose, the effect does seem to need to build up over time. KSM-66 is the type that has been used the most in research, and thus this is the type I recommend here.