• Can help reduce carpal tunnel symptoms and other forms of peripheral nerve entrapment (ref)(ref2)(ref3)
  • Can help reduce trigger finger and other forms of tenosynovitis
  • Along with magnesium, can help reduce premenstrual pain and depression (ref)(ref2)
  • Along with magnesium and zinc, has anecdotal support for some types of anxiety and depression

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General Info

Vitamin b6 is available in two main forms, pyridoxine and P-5-P. Pyridoxine needs to be converted to P-5-P in the body before it can be effective. There have been many reports of peripheral neuropathy (tingling in the fingers) with using too high of a dose of pyridoxine for too long. Usually, the dose for this to happen needs to be over 200mg a day and most of the time over 500mg a day. Still, because of the decreased risk of neuropathy and lower dosages needed for clinical effects, I recommend the P-5-P form.

For carpal tunnel and trigger finger, the usual dose is 3 pills a day of the brand above spread throughout the day. Once the pain has diminished, the dose can be lowered or possibly discontinued. None of this is medical advice, and always speak to your primary care physician before introducing new supplements.