Way too many people suffer needlessly with chronic health conditions. Most of them simply aren’t aware that there are other options besides the standard pharmeceuticals.

More importantly, most people have NO idea just how much research and how many clinical trials have been done with so-called “alternative treatments”.

It is my philosophy to always opt for options with the fewest possible long term side effect first.

Why I Do This

I got into this space when I started realizing how many of my close friends and family were struggling with chronic health conditions and felt like they were out of options. They were doing everything their doctors told them to do, but they were still suffering.

With my background in science and research, I became very skilled at being able to read and interpret clinical research that used “alternative treatments” (diet strategies, supplements, and exercise). After reading hundreds of research papers on a particular tiopic, you start to see if a particular treatment is consistently effective or not. This helped me piece together suggestions for my friends and family to try.

After witnessing first-hand the fantastic results my friends and family acheived with my help, I knew that I had to get this information out there, as I knew the potential of it to help others in similar conditions.

It is now my life purpose to continually search and synthesize clinical research based in natual treatments so that I can help others enjoy life with as much health freedom as possible!

Every time I help a client gain some “health freedom”, I know fully that I am following my purpose.

Conditions I Am Currently Accepting for Consultations

If your condition isn’t on the list above, email me at sean @ goldenhealthmethod.com to see if I am currently accepting your health condition for consultation.

My Offer

If you are even a little interested in learning how to regain freedom from your condition, please schedule a free 15 min “Clarity Call” with me so we can see if we would be a good fit for each other, and if I can help you reach your health goals! This could be the best decision you ever made for your health!

What you will get with me:

  • 100% research- and evidence-based natural health information with respect to your chonic health condition
  • Q&A session so that you understand exactly what DOES and DOES NOT help your health issue, again based on research
  • The research-based information you will be provided with are not generic suggestions and almost always CANNOT be found on other websites or videos around the web.
  • Multiple, flexible options: this is NOT a “cookie cutter” approach. There is almost always a wide array of diet, supplement, and other health options to choose from depending your preferences and current situation.
  • Satisfatction Guarentee: If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with your last consultation, you will get 100% of your money back with zero hassle (30 day limit).


(Only initials are shown to protect the client’s health information.)

“Got in contact with Sean Golden for several health issues I struggled with for years.

I was chronically fatigued, nerve issues, restless legs and a lot of back pain. He recommended me to get a high quality omega 3 supplement so I ended up buying Thorne Super EPA, flaxseed oil (as it contains alpha linolenic-acid wich also is an important omega 3).

I took this in conjuction with curcumin and after several weeks the majoirty of my issues have completely resolved.

Sean is very knowledgeable about the human physiology and his help has been such a life saver for me.

I can only say good about him, highly recommend.

Very professional, Thank you so much for your help!“

– D. E.

“After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a handful of years ago I continued to battle with crippling colitis symptoms and was only offered immune suppressing drugs and major steroids as treatment. Thank God I found Dr. Sean Golden who made 1 simple, natural, inexpensive supplement recommendation. My symptoms were gone in less than a week! I have my life back!!! NO ONE is more well read or up to date on the latest research than Dr. Golden. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10 stars all day long!”

– H. M.